Substack lets writers connect with their audience on their own terms and earn money doing it. We make it simple for writers to publish to an email list that they own, get discovered on the web, and charge for subscriptions.

More than 50,000 people pay to subscribe to writers across the Substack network, and the top writers are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Substack’s model depends on the success of writers using Substack – we only make money when they do.

“Substack makes it dead simple to start a newsletter and get paid for it.”
- Judd Legum, author of Popular Information

"Substack gives me a way to connect with my audience on my own terms.”
- Lyz Lenz, author of God Land and Men Yell At Me

Make something that matters

Great writing is valuable. By respecting the readers' time and intelligence, it earns their trust. It helps us make sense of, and change, the culture we live in. Building a better business model for writers means more great writing.

It’s also a big opportunity.

We're a team of writers and builders from Kik, Instagram, and some of the worlds top publications. Our investors include Y-Combinator, founders of Twitch and Zynga, and most recently Andreessen Horowitz.


  • Develop the core Substack product for readers and writers
  • Contribute to the whole product process, from thinking through UX, to designing great UI, to implementation.
  • Work with customers to solve their problems.
  • We use: Node, Express, React, Postgres, Heroku


  • Ship. You like to get things done.
  • Take pride in building simple, beautiful products that create value for human beings.
  • Can contribute across the full stack, but may have a deeper passion for some particular part - frontend, backend, etc.
  • Lead. As an early employee, you will have a huge role shaping what Substack becomes.
  • Have professional experience building production software


  • Flexible vacation
  • $3k desk set up
  • Full medical and dental insurance